Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February 24th Beach Cleanup

Participants during the beach cleanup today removed 12 pounds of trash, including a mini plastic server, a plastic toy flag, some orange plastic netting, and a knife (not the plastic disposable kind). The recent dredging project has not only killed many organisms, the workers working on the project have been leaving debris on the beach. Some of the trash that they left include black zip ties, unidentified black material that could be from the tubing they use or from the tires of the machinery they bring on the beach like bulldozers, thin colorful plastic used to mark the metal poles that they stick into the ground, and plastic orange construction netting that they buried under the sand. The holes in the netting buried just under the surface of the sand posed a hazard to birds and sea turtles that will be coming up on the beach to nest this year. Thank you to all the participants who came out today and helped to remove the debris!

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