Lido Jetty Animals

Some of the marine life seen just steps from the shore on Lido Public Swim Beach. 

This eco-system is a nursery for many important species.

However, this area is at risk of being buried in sand by the proposed beach renourishment project in Sarasota County. 

Children and adults love snorkeling at this area which has lifeguards, wash offs, Lido Beach Restaurant, bathrooms, and more just steps away. 

A juvenile blue tang (which is yellow when a juvenile), and juvenile sailors choice (a species of grunt)

(From left to right) juvenile white grunt, spotfin butterflyfish, and sheepshead

Giant hermit crab in lightening whelk shell

boring sponge

Atlantic stingray

Well camouflaged Florida swimming crab

Atlantic spadefish

Juvenile beaugregory (damsel fish)

Atlantic Spadefish


juvenile white grunt, sailors choice, lane snapper, and sheepshead

False pilchard, and juvenile sailors choice

False pilchard

Juvenile white grunt, and spotfin butterflyfish

Juvenile sailors choice, and slippery dick wrass

False pilchard

Lightning whelk

Juvenile white grunt, with juvenile sheepshead in background

Juvenile beaugregory

Juvenile sailors choice, white grunt, and slippery dick

False pilchard, sailors choice, and sea pork colony (tunicate)

Atlantic spadefish

Atlantic spadefish

Juvenile sailors choice, lane snapper, and dwarf wrass

Atlantic spadefish

Atlantic spadefish

Spotfin butterflyfish

Spotfin butterflyfish
Southern Stingray

Seaweed Blenny

Spotfin Butterflyfish


Stone Crab


Blue Tang

Black Sea Bass

Seaweed Blenny

Belted Sandfish

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